We're committed to moving hurting families to a place of spiritual, emotional, financial, and physical healing.
The Pantry

The Pantry exists to bring hope and improve the quality of life of families in need, through the provision of supplemental groceries and domestic items.

Cars Ministry

Cars Ministry provides vehicles to qualified families in need in the townships listed above and in partnership with local agencies.

Applicants are typically single-parent households, refugees, and individuals emerging from crisis. We recognize that transportation to employment is often key to a family getting on its feet.

Due to significant demand, we offer assistance primarily to families residing in specific communities of New Jersey’s Mercer and Middlesex counties are the townships of Cranbury, Jamesburg, Kingston, Monroe, Plainsboro, South Brunswick, East Windsor, West Windsor, Hightstown, Princeton. Exceptions to these geographic boundaries can be made when a compelling and vetted case is brought to us by another organization or social service agency.


In the spirit of exponential ministry, hearts+homes partners with churches, social services agencies, and community advocates to expand the footprint of care they offer the families they serve. They’re a little different in that they minister to both the giving and the receiving families. The needs of the receiving families are clear. But many who give furnishings are also in a transitional season as they move from the area or close a home after the loss of a loved one. Letting go and saying goodbye can be hard, so the team brings compassion, care, and comfort to that process.

Street Church Ministries

Street Church Ministries is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit dedicated to seeing lives transformed by pouring out the life and love of Jesus to those living in crisis in Trenton New Jersey. Their experienced team of volunteers bring food, clothing, and personal hygiene products to the people we minister to on the streets and in transitional housing.