Latin America

Until all 300 million youth know Christ’s irresistible love.

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April 26 – May 2
Team Composition: Bilingual Spanish Speakers

More about Latin America

The Region

Latin America has 10.1% of the world’s population. There are wide differences in ethnic composition among the 22 countries, comprised of 951 people groups, mostly made up of small Amerindian tribes.Economic poverty is a widespread issue, having been a defining factor for decades in the political and even theological developments in Latin America. But lack of education and literacy, health issues, lack of clean water andsanitation, and persistent urban violence and crime, illegal drugs, environmental degradation, and the resurgence of indigenous people continue to plague much of the region. The religious forms once dominant in Latin America see a marked decline in their relative influence. Secularism, thegrowing presence of other world religions and the increasing personalization and subjectivation of spirituality all gravitate against classical Christian practice.

The Ministry

Founded in 2006, Inca Link started with a vision the Lord gave to Rich and Elisa Brown: To reach the 300 million youth of Latin America.While serving in Trujillo, Peru as youth pastors, Rich and Elisa took their youth group to the local garbage dump to love on and serve the kids who lived in and around the dump. There, they witnessed a large group of kids living in the dump, and on more than one occasion they witnessed a child eat fruit from the trash. In this moment, the Holy Spirit planted the seeds of what would become Inca Link.Rich, Elisa and their team asked the question – if money was not an issue, what would we do? Through this, an idea was put together to reach and serve the kids of the garbage dump. In March of 2006, the idea became a reality as Inca Link was formally incorporated as a nonprofit and the first ministries were launched.

PAC-Supported International Workers

Rich Brown & Elisa Shannon Brown are the founders and presidents of Inca Link. Rich and Elisa are international workers with the Christian and Missionary Alliance; Rich under Envision in the U.S., and Elisa under the Canadian Alliance, where she also serves on the licensing and ordinationboard. They go to each of the Inca Link countries in Latin America for 1-3 months to encourage the staff and ministry partners, provide member care and training, preaching, teaching, and equipping families, leaders, and the next generation. They look for new ministry opportunities and partnerships in other countries to enlarge Inca Link’s presence in Latin America.

Prayer Requests

Emerging ministry opportunities as work towards reaching the 300 million youth of Latin America

Wisdom and guidance for the local leaders at each Inca Link site

Unified vision and the Lord’s continued leading in PAC’s partnership with Inca Link