As people share their personal stories, we see how God weaves in His hope and transforms lives. These stories reflect lives lived to the fullest in Jesus.

Watch some of our stories

As everything in life came crashing down, Kevin shares his story of how time with God helped build his faith.

Before being a mom, wife, and daughter, Jessica shares how she found her identity in being God’s child.

June shares how difficult times strengthen her family’s faith with God’s presence.

Being a real man of faith requires Andy to prepare and be intentional as he faces challenges on the road.

Understanding who God really is brings Areck inspiration to go beyond doing what is expected to passionately bring Him glory with everything.

Family hurts are healed as Bing understands and accepts who her Heavenly Father truly is.

While dealing with health issues, Charlie receives life-giving Bible verses and a newfound hope.

By listening and responding to the Holy Spirit, Francisco shares the hope of Jesus in a way that only God could orchestrate.

After pushing faith on others without results, Jesse decides being present with and for them is what God requires.

A friend’s consistent invitation leads Mike to consider a relationship with Christ, and another friendship brings healing and maturity in the faith.

As the success of the world grows dim, Mike sees how the Everlasting God brings new purpose to life.

Becoming the first Christian in thousands of years of family history, Patty realizes the need to let go of her ability and trust God’s plan.

As he tells Mary’s story, Paul relays how the love of God is unfailing and unconditional.

After desiring more of God’s heart for lost people, Suzy is witness to the salvation of one of her students.

After addressing the physical aspects of addiction, Amy recognizes the need to accept God’s forgiveness to address the spiritual.