Southeast Asia

As the hands and feet of Christ, we're invested in God's mission to meet both spiritual and physical needs in Southeast Asia.

Upcoming Trips

To Be Announced


$1,950 if eligible for PAC subsidy – $1,300 for eligible first-timers
All subsidies require an additional application. Cost includes airfare, meals, lodging, transportation and ministry supplies.

More about Southeast Asia Outreach

The Region

The Southeast Asian region in which our teams serve boasts the largest population in the world. Culture has been shaped by religio-philosophical traditions but is primarily secular humanist in nature. Buddhism, Taoism and Islam are the most common religions with folk customs also playing a role. East Asia has one of the fastest growing and most complex economies in the world. It’s the world’s largest exporter and second largest importer of goods. In the midst of strong government influence and a high level of economic inequality, people are searching for hope.

The Ministry

The focus of these missions is relational ministry—interacting with university students, professionals and young families. The teams will be involved in teaching life skills, and training students and business people interested in learning English as a second language. Serving God through these practical connection points offers an exciting opportunity to introduce people to the love and hope of Jesus.

PAC-Supported International Workers

The safety of our partners is critical to us. Some serve in parts of the world that require additional sensitivity. We will refrain from providing information about the international workers from this region.

Prayer Requests

Local leaders as they are trained and sent out to serve.

Wisdom as the team balances what God has called each person to do in a region where it is difficult to share God’s love.

Protection and safety for the workers as the ministry expands.

Protection for those ministering under the growing threat of persecution.