It is our desire to bring glory to God by meeting needs both inside and outside the church. Simply put, serving others is part of who we are.

Saved People Serve People

To belong means to be accepted and included, as one with a purpose. At PAC, serving others is something we do together, with Jesus as our model (Mark 10:45). We believe everyone has something special to contribute, and when we serve others––with friends at our side––we experience what it means to belong as we grow in faith and discover our purpose.

Family Life Volunteer Roles

PAC Kids

Greeter – Welcomes congregants and others with a warm attitude.

One-on-One Buddy – Provides support and care for individuals who have disabilities/special needs.

Event Volunteer – Assists in food distribution, security, set up, clean up, etc. for various Kids events.

Teacher – Creates a safe, engaging atmosphere for children to ask questions and grow in their faith.

Assistant – Aids the small group leader in discussion, safety, and activities.

Large Group Volunteer – Facilitates Kids large group activities, bible stories, and games.

Worship/Dance Team – Learns the motions to our songs and leads the children in our worship/music time.

Tech Team – Oversees production for large group time by working with sound, lighting, and pro-presenter systems.

PAC Youth

Small Group Leader – Guides and mentors middle school/high school students in growing their relationship with Jesus.

Sunday Service Volunteer – Engages the students during Sunday services in various roles, from greeting to tech responsibilities.

Check-In Volunteer – Welcomes kids through the Fellowship One app for weekly youth nights and Sunday services.

Worship Team – Leads the worship sessions for weekly youth nights and Sunday services.

Tech Tech – Oversees production for weekly youth nights and Sunday services by working with sound and pro-presenter systems.

Social Media Team – Develops the youth ministry’s social media presence through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Event Volunteer – Assists with special events (trips and fellowships) through various responsibilities, from chaperoning to cleaning-up.

PAC Young Adults

Hospitality Leader

Community Group Leader – Leads and facilitates discussion in small groups during Wednesday nights.

Worship Team – Leads the worship sessions for the Young Adults program on Wednesday nights.


One-on-One Buddy – Provides support and care for individuals who have disabilities/special needs.

Parent Contact – Connects with parents throughout the week to determine if they will be attending and if they need a buddy.

Volunteer Liaison 

Family Liaison 

Respite Event Volunteer – Assists through various responsibilities for this night of fun, from check-in to security.

Prayer Partner – Prays with and for our disability ministry whilst learning how God is at work.

Worship & Media Volunteer Roles

Worship Team



Bass Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar


Tech Team

ProPresenter/Lyrics – Overlays lyrics, graphics, and content on display devices and our online livestream using ProPresenter.

FOH Audio Engineer – Operates our Yamaha soundboard and monitors all live inputs and outputs, ensuring clean and vibrant audio for both physical and digital production.

Livestream Audio Engineer – Operates the audio console with Pro Tools, helping deliver clean broadcast sound for our livestream and digital recordings.

Lighting Operator – Operates the Lightkey lighting system in the Skybox, enhancing our Sunday worship sessions with dynamic light cues and effects.

Camera Operator – Physically handles and manipulates our moving broadcast cameras for Sunday services, landing a variety of shots and angles to create an engaging video experience.

Video Switcher – Cues, communicates, and changes the camera angles on air, effectively acting as a live video editor.


Church News Anchor – Enthusiastically presents stories and upcoming events and initiatives from PAC.

Content Creator – Envisions the creative direction and visual aesthetic of all media produced on-site, including social content, graphic design, and video projects.

Livestream Chat Host – Moderates the chat rooms on our livestream sources by praying and greeting those who join online.

Photographer – Captures high-quality stills for ministries, campaigns, events, or social media that meet PAC’s brand guidelines.

YouTube Subtitles/Captions – Adapts our English language content to be more accessible to Spanish and Mandarin audiences.

Video Editor – Cuts, stitches, masters, and delivers video content in accordance with PAC’s brand guidelines and vision.

Videographer – Captures short clips of talking heads, b-roll footage, long-form storytelling, and other necessary shots that meet PAC’s brand guidelines and vision.

Community Life Volunteer Roles

Community Groups

Community Group Leader – Facilitates and manages a community group during the semester, helping people get connected and grow spiritually.

Affinity Group Leader – Facilitates and manages an affinity group during the semester, participating in an activity together and building fellowship.

Home Group Host – Hosts and provides hospitality to a community group in their home. Not a leadership position.

Community Group Assistant Leader – Supports a CG Leader in planning, organizing and leading a Community Group for a semester.


Stephen Minister  


Cars Office Assistant – Order car parts, maintain car database, and assist with other Cars ministry needs.

Mechanic/Detailer – Performs routine maintenance and completes detailed cleanings for donated vehicles.

Pantry Volunteer – Sorts and stocks products from shelves to families throughout the week.

Pantry Gardener – Prepares, plants, waters, and harvests The Pantry vegetable garden.

Welcome Team

Usher – Provides the offering bags to congregants and transports the offering safely to the designated destination.

Greeter – Welcomes congregants and others with a warm attitude.

Hospitality Suite Team – Sets up and cleans craft services (food/beverages) and supplies for the hospitality suite.

Welcome Center Volunteer Leader – Schedules the various welcome teams and communicates with the teams prior to their serve time.

Welcome Center Volunteer – Answers questions about PAC for those attending on Sunday mornings.


English as a Second Language (ESL)

Teaching – Teaches English to multi-lingual adults in our community on Monday evenings.

Transportation – Provides transportation to ESL students on Monday evenings.


Outreach Volunteer Roles

Global Outreach

Leadership/Prayer Team

Social Media Assistant Manager


Immigrants & Refugees

Drivers – Provides a ride to/from medical legal appointments, etc.

ESL Drivers – Provides transportation to ESL students on Monday evenings.

ESL Teachers – Teaches English to multi-lingual adults in our community on Monday evenings.

ESL Hospitality


Community Partners' Volunteer Roles


Care Team

Home Visit Team

Inventory Team

Load-In Team

Ministry Services Team

Special Services Team

Upcycle Team

Street Church Ministries

Event Volunteer

Community Center Support