August 7-11 | Princeton Alliance Church

Registration is now OPEN

PAC Kids Summer Camp
PAC Kids Summer Camp

This summer, our weeklong PAC Kids Summer Camp will meet from 9AM-Noon for a STELLAR week! Our kids will explore how Jesus shined hope, love, forgiveness, and joy to the world—and how we can do the same with his power! You can expect a week full of faith discoveries, memorable music, and epic adventures that help kids grow in friendship with Jesus!

Camper FAQ

What is the schedule?

Drop off begins at 8:30 and our opening session starts at exactly 9AM.
Throughout the day the children stay in their groups and rotate to different sessions: music, bible time, craft, and recreation/snack. Closing session starts around 11:30 and pick up is exactly at noon.

Do you have a virtual option this year?

This year we are excited to offer a full in person camp experience! We will be offering full rotations throughout the church so a virtual option is not offered this year.

How do I register?

You can go to our website:

How much is it to register?

Camp is FREE!

Who can register? What grade does my child need to be in?

Our Summer Camp is offered for children who have just completed KG to 5th grade. Verification of the grade is required to enroll at our camp.

What if I have multiple children?

This year our registration allows you to register for multiple children at once. Make sure you fill out all the appropriate information for each child!

How do I register my preschooler for your Promised Land Summer Camp?

Our Promised Land Summer Camp is a childcare option incorporating our camp theme for those serving at our camp. This camp is offered if there is a need but is not guaranteed, as we will need to recruit volunteers specifically for this option. If you are interested in serving, you can fill out a volunteer registration on our website!

Can my middle schooler join?

Our camp is tailored towards our elementary school children. We can connect you with our Ministry Leaders for PAC Youth if your child is looking to connect with others their age!

Middle schoolers can serve as a volunteer alongside their guardian.

What if I attend another church?

You can still register with us! You can also let your church know that you are joining our camp so we can partner with them to make sure your child receives the best follow up and care throughout camp and after!

Can we “bring a friend” like we did in the past?

We would love for your child to “bring a friend”. You can send the friend our link and indicate that they were referred to by a friend. Please note that registration closes August 6th!

Where can I purchase a t-shirt for my child?

You can add your t-shirt order on your child’s registration for camp. If you purchased a t-shirt for your child(ren), you may pick them up from the church July 16, 23, or 30th after worship services or on any day during camp from 8:30AM-9:00AM or 12PM-12:30PM.

How can I help?

Volunteer registrations are available on our website:

I have another question not on here.

Contact us directly! or (609) 799-9000 x18

Volunteer FAQ

I would like to volunteer for camp! How do I do that?

You can fill out a volunteer registration form at and click on the appropriate form!

What is the requirement to serve?

The most important thing we are looking for are those who are passionate and excited to serve Jesus and make Him known to our children this week. Because that is the most important factor, we require all volunteers to fully participate in all activities and comply with all of our rules and regulations. Safety and security is our top priority so everyone needs to work together to ensure this is a safe week for our children and you!

Volunteer training is required and if you are unable to attend any training, your registration will be canceled.

I am still figuring out and wrestling with my faith. Can I still serve?

We know that everyone serving at Camp is at different walks of life in their faith. If you have not yet made a commitment of faith to Jesus yet, please reach out to us! We would love to chat with you and offer any next steps or resources that you are looking for. We do have certain areas in camp that you can serve as well.

I have served in the past and have attended camp training before. Do I have to attend again?

Yes. This year, we have completely updated our training. In the training session you attend, you will go through the training with the other volunteers in the specific area you are assigned to, and will be trained specifically with your team leaders. We have also made some changes as we continue to evaluate how to ensure camp is a safe and secure experience for all.

When are the volunteer training sessions?

Sunday July 16: 1-2:30PM
Sunday July 23: 1-2:30PM
Wednesday July 26: 6:30-8PM

I cannot attend any of the volunteer training sessions but I really want to serve! What can I do?

E-mail us at There is no guarantee accommodations can be made, and those who miss out on any of our required sessions cannot serve in key areas.

I don’t attend PAC. Can I serve as a volunteer?

Yes! If you are under 18, we do require a staff member of your current church to serve as a reference. If you are unable to provide that, email us at and we can provide additional next steps.
If you are a new volunteer over 18 and you do not have a child attending camp, a reference from a staff member from PAC or a volunteer ministry leader (teacher in PAC Kids, Community Group leader, usher, etc) is required.
If your child is attending camp, we would love for you to be involved in their camp experience.

This year some volunteers need a referral to serve. This wasn’t required before, why was this added?

Our PAC Kids ministry continues to evaluate safety and health measures for our Sunday programs and all events. We take every precaution to create a safe and secure environment for our children and our volunteers. Each year we make modifications and updates to provide that extra measure of safety – for all of us!

I don’t have a reference I can provide.

You can email us at although a reference is
required this year. We can suggest other areas to get involved in the life of our church as we continue to get to know you better!

I can only serve some days, not the full week. Can I still serve?

Yes – indicate on your volunteer registration which days you are available.

I only want to serve if I can serve in a certain area. Can that be accommodated?

We take preferences into consideration, but no position is guaranteed. If the position you have been given is not an area you are comfortable, you can let us know.

My child is in middle school and wants to serve, is that allowed?

Middle School students can serve if their parent/guardian is on site, also serving at camp.

My child is in high school and wants to serve, is that allowed?

Yes – understanding that a church staff member reference is required. We will also e-mail all parents of high school volunteers the week before camp with pertinent information.